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QUOTES BY Lynda Barry

'I live in constant fear of being fired or dropped for that dark part of my work I can't control.'

'I need to be cheered up a lot. I think funny people are people who need to be cheered up.'

'I listen like mad to any conversation taking place next to me just trying to hear why this is funny. Women's restrooms are especially great. I wash my hands twice waiting for people to come in and start talking.'

'If I didn't try to eavesdrop on every bus ride I take or look for the humor when I go for a walk, I would just be depressed all the time.'

'Humor is such a wonderful thing, helping you realize what a fool you are but how beautiful that is at the same time.'

'I do love to eavesdrop. It's inspirational, not only for subject matter but for actual dialogue, the way people talk.'

'My mom didn't want me to go to college. She didn't want me to read - when I read, I may as well have been holding a pineapple.'

'For horror movies, color is reassuring because, at least in older films, it adds to the fakey-ness.'

'The library was open for one hour after school let out. I hid there, looking at art books and reading poetry.'

'It's one thing to have a relationship, to lay your hands on it, and another to make it continue and last. That's something I haven't talked about much in my comic strips, and it's certainly something I'm interested in.'

'My goal on my bucket list is to write a romantic comedy movie.'

'If it is your time, love will track you down like a cruise missile.'




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